Convent School Batu Pahat as it is known nowadays was originally Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (CHIJ), Batu Pahat.
I do not have much history about this school. Any of you convent girls or convent ladies around? Do you know your school history? Let me know.
Mum studied in this school many many years ago. Here’s some of the photos of the school that we took a few weeks ago. Mum was telling us this was the toilet, this was the nun’s kitchen, etc… I can’t remember which is which now.
Sis studied in this school for a few years, but decided to go to Tengku Mariam and TIGS because it’s much nearer. Tengku Mariam was right in front of our house!
This is an interim posting. Will update this post again with all your inputs! Send them to me! I have numbered the pictures, so its easier to feedback :-)
Picture 1:
Is this the original chapel? Is it still a chapel? You can see the word CHIJ on this photo.
CHIJ - Convent Batu Pahat
Picture 2:
Statue of Mary
CHIJ - Convent Batu Pahat
Picture 3:
The original convent school classrooms.
CHIJ - Convent Batu Pahat
Picture 4:
The school office.
CHIJ - Convent Batu Pahat
Picture 5:
The general office?
CHIJ - Convent Batu Pahat