UNESCO WORLD DEVELOPMENT DAY telah disambut setiap tahun di seluruh dunia pada 24 Oktober.Idea untuk menganjurkan program ini dicetuskan oleh Persatuan Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu(PBB) atau United Nations(UN) pada tahun 1972.Tujuan program ini diadakan ialah untuk membangunkan teknologi berkaitan sains teknologi komputer dan program ini sangat penting dalam membangunkan negara Malaysia.Kesimpulannya,kita harus sedar bahawa teknologi maklumat memberi kesan yang positif terhadap manusia sejagat.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Campus Facility

Lecture Theatres & Tutorial Rooms
For the purpose of teaching and learning activities, the University provides 8 lecture halls, 2 examination halls, 34 classrooms, seminar rooms. These fully air-conditional rooms are equipped with teaching aid facilities.

Transportation service such as bus and van services are provided to off campus students to be able to commute to the campus from 7.00 am to 11.00 pm every day.


Cafetaria and Canteen
There are many cafeterias and canteens within the university vicinity for staff and students to have their meals from time to time.


The mosque is able to fit a congregation of  1000-12000 people at a time.



There is Bank Muamalat branch  with ATM facility to serve the campus community.


Mini Post Office
With cooperation of Pos Malaysia, mini post office was set up  to serve staffs and students at campus, it provides one stop payment centre, postal order, registered  letter and  parcel services.


Sports & Recreation
Among the sports and recreational facilities provided by the University are stadium with track and field facilities, football field, rugby field, hockey  field, netball court, handball court, volleyball court, sepaktakraw, badminton hall, basket ball court, squash court and many more.


Medical and Health Services

University Health Centre provides health and medical services especially for emergency and out patient treatment. There are 2 doctors and 2 medical assistants work hand in hand with 8 paramedic staff.  The centre also provides ambulance service for emegency cases.


There are 70 laboratories set up which are fully equipped with machines and latest equipments to enhance students’ understanding, competency and potential in the course of their study in technology and engineering fields.


The library collection consists of 87364 monographs, journals/magazines and 8476 audio visual topics, 154 journals andmagazine, 989 theses,3239 CD_ROM, and 291 microfilms. In addition, the also library provides electronic searching  information services through CD-ROMS database.


Residential Colleges
There are 2 hostels available in the campus and another 2 hostels located  a few miles away from the campus. Those hostels can accomodate up to 2,600 students, and also provide facilities such as mosque, cafetaria,  rest room,  study room, magazines, cyber cafe, photocopy kiosk and others.


Student Service Kiosk and Cooperative Shop

Student service kiosk and cooperative shop sell basic necessities to students such as stationeries, computers, books, food, newspapers, snacks food and drink.

Career and Counseling Services
Student Counseling and Development Centre is responsible in providing counseling service on career and self development  of  the students. There are three certified counselors who are capable to conduct various programmes to prepare the students with certain competency that are required for their careers.


Financial Assistance
Most of the students receive financial assistance mainly from Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Nasional (PTPTN), Public Services Department and State Government. Coporate companies such as PETRONAS, MAYBANK and State Foundation also provide financial assistance to students. The financial assistance offered ranges from RM5,000 to RM7,000 per year.


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